Party Ideas For Girls Age 13, 14, 15

Your little angel is becoming a big girl now. Don't let it be just another day for her. Make it a day that your dear one will remember forever. Here we will discuss party ideas for girls aged 13 to 15.

Party Ideas For Girls Age 13, 14, 15

A fifteenth birthday is special for a girl because it is like crossing over from being called ‘young' and to being treated as an adult. She starts to get pocket money, she is asked for her choices and she can make small spending decisions for herself – which is heck of a lot! Bring in the fifteenth birthday of your daughter with glamour and pizzazz in the following ways:

Shopping Party:

Give the birthday girl a medium sized cash budget and set her loose at the mall with her friends to shop for whatever she feels like. Give her the cash instead of buying her a gift which she may or may not like. Ask her invited friends to bring their saved pocket money also so that they can all have fun in splurging together.

Ballroom Party:

To make the birthday girl feel like a princess, organize a Ballroom party by booking a large hall or using your garden terrace, if it is big enough. Call the birthday girl's entire class, so that more couples get an opportunity to dance together and add more spice to the party. Rent out tuxedos for the guys and ballroom gowns for the girls and deck them up with tiaras. Make sure that the food, music, décor and other elements of the party add to the Ballroom theme of the party.

Perform a fun play:

Pick up a humorous Victorian style play which has more female characters and some really witty lines that can tickle the ribs of the audience. Before the performance of the play at the party, the girls will have to get together for rehearsals, dress trials and stage set up. The real fun is in preparing the play rather than performing it. This idea can be executed in two ways. Either the birthday girl can be the main character involved in the performance or all her friends can get together and perform it for her and give her a surprise.

Ice cream party:

Ever considered making Ice cream at home? Not the one with the instant mix but the one in which you start with the basic processes of heating the milk, melting sugar, making flavour and so on. A really cool thing to do would be to get together at home, make litres of ice cream and take it all to school to share it with the rest of the class, the next day.

Backyard dance:

Who says dancing can happen only in clubs with expensive entry tickets and shiny disco lights? If you have an open space in your house, organise a dance party with a basic iPod speaker sound system. Place small tables in your backyard to arrange for food and drinks. Take Juke box requests from all your friends and anoint one friend as the DJ to spin the music throughout the evening.

Gambling without the money:

Get a group of about eight to ten close friends together and arrange a sitting card party. Play card games like Rummy, Patience, Snap and Judgement. Instead of trading money (which is not legal at teenage!), gamble for food. You have to “pay up” hamburgers every time you lose. The bigger the loss, the bigger the treat.

Carnival Party:

If you want to have friends parading around your house with fancy headgear, then carnival is the way to go. Rent out Mardi Gras like costumes and gear for all your friends. The birthday girl should make a grand entry once all the invitees arrive. When the birthday girl enters in true carnival style, she must throw beads, confetti and party pops at the guests. Ensure that the decorations and lights are screaming of color. Distribute carnival souvenirs like feather caps and face masks to the guests. End the party with a grand final couple dance and a ramp walk where each invitee shows off their dress.

Miniature Golf Party:

If you have a large enough garden, then you should proceed with this idea. Rent basic golf equipment or borrow the clubs and balls used by birthday girl's or any of her uncles. Plug in golf holes and flagpoles at various points in the garden, as advised by someone who is knowledgeable about golf. Invite a set of close friends who would enjoy learning golf and learn something new out of this unusual themed party. Make sure the invites asks everyone to be dressed in smart golf outfits.

Craft Party:

If the birthday girl is going to be a gaggle of all girls at the birthday party, organise a ceramic, pottery, Paper Mache or Jewellery making workshop. Call a senior coordinator, an artist or a craftsperson who can conduct a one day workshop on a professional basis. Include fun and games in the workshop so that it doesn't becoming a boring learning activity. In the end, run a competition where the best piece of craft gets a special prize. And even for those who don't win, they always have their handmade item to take back home as the party souvenir.

The party should be such that when you see the photographs later, they scream of fun. The birthday girl must welcome the starting years of her teen life with flair and panache.